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Bicycle and corona: Did the traffic revolution happen?

About the webinar During the global pandemic, many cities encouraged bicycle use and invested heavily in bike-friendly infrastructure. That resulted in rising bicycle sales and more people opting for the two-wheel mobility. But as many parts of the world emerge from lockdowns, will this trend continue? In this free webinar, top mobility experts discuss the […]
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A re-imagined American city? Urban mobility after covid-19

  A re-imagined American city?  Urban mobility after covid-19 During the coronavirus pandemic, cities saw a decade’s-worth mobility transformation within just three months. But as life returns to a new normal, will those changes last? Will America turn the page on car-centered mobility? In this live discussion, leading American mobility experts offer an exclusive insight […]
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A new journey: our daily travels after Covid-19

About the webinarEven after lockdowns are lifted, the pandemic will continue to affect how we move and travel. When home office becomes the norm, will road traffic disappear? Are we going to meet friends only if they live within walking distance? What will shopping and holidaying look like? And would cities therefore press the reset […]
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Logistics after Covid-19: What will change?

About the webinar As the world emerges from pandemic lockdowns, consumer habits have changed dramatically. From supply and demand shocks, to massive increase in online shopping – it’s a huge challenge for logistics operations. Join our experts and top business guests, for a look at the original solutions that keep trade and supplies running. The […]
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